Accessing RAST and RASTtk

The RAST website

Download the RASTtk DMG (mac and ubuntu)

Download the PATRIC3 Command Line Interface DMG (mac)


Getting Started with RASTtk

Understanding the RASTtk incremental commands

Submitting RASTtk jobs in batch mode

Using the RAST genome assembly service

Viewing Antibiotic Resistance Predictions in RAST

Antibiotic Resistance Classifier Installation Guide

PATRIC command line tutorials collection

Video Tutorials

PART1: Getting Started with RAST and RASTtk

This step by step tutorial will help you get started using RAST and RASTtk from the RAST website. You can download the video here.

PART2: Getting Started with the RASTtk Command Line Tools

This video will teach you how to annotate a microbial genome on the command line using the RASTtk scripts. The demonstration is performed in the IRIS web environment, but all scripts are identical in the command line. You can download the video here.

PART3: More Advanced Uses for the RASTtk Command Line Tools

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to use the RASTtk scripts to pipe commands together in order to make a custom job, how to submit a batch job to RASTtk, how to submit a customized batch job to RASTtk, and how to add annotations to a genome. You can download the video here.